What do I need to start?

We recommend having a list of your gifts, real estates and belongings that you plan to bequest (include a brief description ex. brown leather recliner), along with your beneficiary of these items. This will make your process the most efficient. 

Power Bar

Welcome to Will Power!

Will Power is our proprietary Will Writing software. This is an easy to fill out questionnaire and we write your will based off the information provided here. It will take under 15 mins to complete and is easy to use! We weren't lying when we said we make it EASY!

If you have any questions or issues the Power Bar on the left hand side of the page will provide you with a quick overview of each field and a definition or explanation to help.

When you have completed this information you will submit and will be displayed the pricing should you wish to continue to purchase your will. Your will will be mailed to you 24 hours after you have submitted your information through this application.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to continue, move back, or Submit your information at the end

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