Your legacy is important, Protect it with  a Will and Last Testament:

There is never a situation where a Will is unnecessary.  In many cases, this can be a simple declaration of your wishes for how your estate should be distributed.  You should draft a Will while you are still young and healthy, even if you don't feel that your assets are substantial.  There is absolutely no benefit in waiting until you are older.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not have a Will. Most people feel that they do not need one or they have time and many feel that the lawyers are needed and that a Will can be too expensive.  It is important to understand that:

a lawyer is not needed to prepare your Will and Last Testament

Whatever your reason may be, you should know that it is extremely important that you have an up to date Will. If you pass without a Will, the courts will decide how your estate is distributed, and this may not be in the best interests of your loved ones. It is impossible for us to know how your estate will be distributed, but we do know that if you have a Will, then the decisions are in your hands.

To pass without a Will is irresponsible and places a tremendous burden on your survivors.  Do not put it off any longer.

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